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In the past, hydro seeding and mulching were not the most desirable method for grassing. Problems with inferior paper mulches that were essentially worthless for moisture retention and erosion control applied at inadequate rates by unqualified personnel gave hydro seeding a less than desirable reputation.  Since then, the effectiveness of hydro seeding and mulching has improved dramatically with the advent of high quality long length wood fiber mulches and additives in the hands of personnel who know the golf construction business. Not all mulches are created equally. Although we happily apply any mulch that our clients request, our experience has shown that Profile Products offer the most effective mulches on the market today. We use
Flexterra FGM (Flexible Growth Medium) and Conwed 2000 almost exclusively on our projects.

Our process essentially consists of the hydraulic application of a “blanket” of moisture retaining virgin wood fibers and tacifiers. Seed, fertilizer, lime and germination enhancers can also be added. It creates the perfect growing medium while protecting the soil from erosion and moisture loss. Germination and growth rates are increased substantially, and grow-in times and erosion are reduced substantially making it extraordinarily cost effective.  


The process is equally effective with warm and cool season seeding as well as sprigs.

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